Lucraft One-Name Study

This website contains information about the Lucraft/Luckraft One-Name Study. I have worked on this study for over 25 years, and have now obtained a large body of material on the Lucraft, Luckraft and other variant family names.

I publish a newsletter about the history of the Lucraft/Luckraft families, which you may download as PDFs below. If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list, and receive new newsletters by email, please email me.

- Ian Lucraft



Here are PDF's of the Newsletters. They are in pdf as that is the easiest way of distributing them, and in some cases I only have one file copy of the original left.

The first pdfs are in colour, and the file size gets quite large. Downloading should be OK but watch your yellow ink as the background all prints out.

The caption for each edition only tells you what the main front-page article is headlined. There’s a lot more in each edition.