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This study aims to cover all Lucraft occurences, worldwide.




The Luckraft name appears first in the records in the small villages of the South Hams area of Devon, between Kingsbridge and Dartmouth.

The variants of the name arise from the differant phonetic spellings as the name was used and recorded. Most of the Luckrafts originate in families resident in the South Hams in the 1500's and 1600's. The Lucraft variant originates from Nicholas Luccroft who was married at Farringdon, East of Exeter, in 1691 to Margaret Westcott. Where Nicholas came from is unknown to me, but he commenced a group of families in the villages near Farringdon of Woodbury, and Broadclyst.

From these families, one group moved to London in the 1830's, one of whom was Benjamin Lucraft (1809 - 1895),my great-great grandfather. He was a chair carver and radical political leader of the 1860's to 1890's, and was a friend and colleague of Thomas Bywater Smithies in this political activity.

From Devon, William Locroft travelled to America in the early part of the 19th century. He founded a family there, which now lives around Washington D.C..

Richard Luckraft came out of Devon in the early 19th century, became a carpet weaver in Kidderminster and then founded a family in Preston, Lancashire. One of his grandchildren, William, married Julia Ann Thompson, who emigrated to America, and have descendants now in Massachusetts.

Many others travelled round the world, and many stayed at home. All are part of the study.

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