Lucraft Trees

These are the family trees of all the people named Lucraft that I have managed to trace round the world.

All these people named Lucraft share a common ancestor, Nicholas Luccroft, who married Margaret Westcott in 1691 in the tiny village of Farringdon, east of Exeter.

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Nicholas Luccroft, married Farringdon, 1691, to Benjamin Lucraft, born Exeter, 1809.

This is the earliest Lucraft tree, and all known Lucrafts are descended from this tree.

Heavitree, the family of John Lucraft, born 1760 Woodbury, the grandson of Nicholas above.

Descendants of this family moved to America in the 1840's of whom Joseph is a Civil War veteran.

Broadclyst, the family of Joseph Lucraft, born 1784, gt gt grandson of Nicholas above.

Joseph was a farmer and dairyman and his grandson, John Joseph Lee Lucraft a shipwright.

John Newton Lucraft, born 1822, Broadclyst, the son of Joseph, above.

John Newton's wife was dressmaker to the Acland family in Braodclyst.

Michael Lucraft, the family of William Lucraft, born 1832, son of Joseph above.

William was a coachbuilder and his descendants come down to Michael Lucraft and his children.

William Lucraft, born c 1825, probable gt gt grandson of Nicholas above.

William and his son William, born 1852 Islington, were wine merchants and grocers.

Locraft, the tree of William Lucraft, born 1802 Broadclyst, gt grandson of Nicholas above..

William probably emigrated to America about 1820 and founded the American Locraft family.

George Lucraft, born c 1830, Taunton, gt gt grandson of Nicholas above.

George's descendants include a large Australian family from the 1890's.

Benjamin Lucraft, born 1809, Exeter, gt. gt. grandson of Nicholas above, and his descendants to date.

Benjamin was a radical labout leader in the 19th century, leading the protest for adult suffrage.

George Seely Lucraft, born c 1830, Taunton, son of Benjamin, above, and his descendants to date.

George Seely Lucraft set up the firm of Art Furnishers for whom his father worked.

Benjamin Lucraft jnr., born 1836, the son of Benjamin Lucraft above.

Benjamin married Mary Ann Clarissa Cleghorn, though no Lucraft decsendants exist.

Ernest Lucraft, born 1870, Hoxton, the grandson of Benjamin Lucraft born 1809.

Another Cabinet maker, whose son Ernest James, born 1898, had 13 surviving children.

Ernest page two: a continuation of Ernest's tree.

Henry James Lucraft, born 1880, Hoxton, the grandson of Benjamin Lucraft born 1809.

Henry created two families, one with Mrs Sanderson and one with Mary Holbrook.

Henry Frederick Claude Lucraft, born 1901, the son of Henry James Lucraft and Mrs Sanderson.

Henry Frederick's family still live mainly in London and Essex.

Harry Frederick Lucraft, born 1915, Lambeth, the son of Henry James Lucraft and Mary Ann Holbrook

Harry and his wife moved to Australia after World War 2, and raised a family there.

May Lucraft, born 1921, Hackney, the daughter of Henry James Lucraft and Mary Ann Holbrook.

May married a Canadian after World War 2 and emigrated to raise a family in Canda.

Holbrooke, the ancestral tree of Mary Ann Holbrook, born 1878, Newington, wife of Henry James Lucraft.

The Holbrook tree goes back to Thomas Holbrook and his family in Westminster in the 1780's.

Gilchrist, the tree of Eileen Margaret Gilchrist, wife of Edward Arthur Lucraft, born 1924, Hoxton.

Eileen's Scottish ancestors came from the Isle of Islay in the 1700's, via Glasgow in the 1800's.